Going to a church service for the first time can be can be an intense expereince, so the purpose of this is to let you know what to expect at Living Faith. Our Sunday Services can be broken down into three different areas:  Worship (Music and Song); The Word (Message) and a time for the individual to repond fo prayer.  (Altar Call)


The Bible tells us that when when come together each of us as a psalm, a hymn or spiritual song.  Some may call it a time of Praise, Worship or ministering to God.   We believe that the Lord "enthrones" in the praises of His people and He has made us to become one in Him. Some may come shouting, jumping, dancing, bowing or laying down in His presense.  But don't worry, the singing part is optional, the jumping part is optional, the bowing part is optional; so, jump in at your own pace and worship the Lord as your see fit!


Every week our Pastor spends time in prayer, studying and giving himself of the Lord in order to be able to deliver to the congregration what the Lord is saying from the "Father's Heart."  The Message normally is about 45 minutes long, energetic, powerful and full of insight in God's Word for us to apply in the now.  It is filled with Faith, Power and God's Grace to enable the individual to be victorious in every situaiton.


We believe that each individual should have the opportunity to respond to the message.  Each week, there is time set aside at the end of the message to respond and receive Prayer.  We believe in prayer, the power of unity and as we come toghether in unity in prayer, we are believing together that God will respond and give His best for you in your situation.